Purpose and purposes

Purpose and purposes

The Fraternity of Associations of Evangelical Churches Native to the Peruvian Amazon - FAIENAP is a non-profit organization. It is a Missionary Evangelical Association of Religious, Cultural, Educational and Beneficial Character among the Ethnic Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon.

FAIENAP was created in the year of 1988.

FAIENAP is the representative body of the affiliated Evangelical Churches of the different ethnic groups of the Amazon of Peru.

The supreme goal is to glorify God in the extension of his Kingdom, maintaining and defending the true evangelical Christian cult, especially among the native Churches.

The main purposes are:

  • Spread and promote evangelization, as a missionary action throughout the Amazon,
  • Promote and support the Building of the Native Churches,
  • Foster the fellowship among the Churches and share experiences in the extension of the Kingdom of God,
  • Defend and protect the member churches, the various false religious sects and other ideologies, when they request it.
  • Represent the member churches in official procedures before public and private institutions, and / or in their relations with evangelical bodies in Peru and other countries.
  • Have a function of consultation and / or mediation on problems of internal discipline, of particular doctrines or other differences of its members at the request of one of the parties.
  • Cooperate in welfare works and social welfare among the member churches if they request it,
  • Organize conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities for religious and cultural purposes, without profit.
  • Contribute to the integral human and Christian formation of the Peruvian native people, thus cooperating in overcoming the nation.